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I Believe I Am, Inc., is a non-profit organization focused on helping youth realize their full potential using four pillars: Self-Love, Unity, Recovery, and Financial Freedom. In turn, our youth develop confidence and tools to positively impact their families, communities, and future generations. 

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What We Are

IBIA, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) program created to impact youth during their senior high school and college freshman years. Our Mission is to "Equip youth with SELF-LOVE, UNITY, RECOVERY, and FINANCIAL literacy, to develop confident leaders, empowered to build strong communities and create a positive global impact." Our listen-first life skill coaching style helps program participants achieve their goals and become positive role models for younger generations.

Who We Serve

IBIA, Inc. is a resource for families, communities, and youth from underserved demographics.  We work with various sponsors and partners who are aligned with our mission, to build resource awareness and support for those we serve. 

How We Serve

We serve through in-person and virtual education resources, community service, coaching, and scholarship initiatives. Our "SURF" Curriculum comprises four foundational pillars; Self-Love, Unity, Recovery, and Financial Freedom, which introduces youth to life-building skills aligned with their passions and future goals. We also offer our program participants career development, budget basics, interview preparation, and resume-building workshops.

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Youth Helping Youth Freshman Success Tips

3 College Freshman Tips For Success

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2023 Recover & Rise Scholarship
Recipients Award Winners

Pay Homage to Ms. Booth-Price

2023 Recipients

What is the

Georgia A. Booth-Price HOPE Scholarship?

This year with the utmost reverence we begin an annual tradition to bestow our highest scholarship award in honor of the late Minister Georgia A. Booth-Price, a woman who embodied IBIA's principles of UNITY & RECOVERY through her service, empathy & consistent compassion for others. Her remarkable life & selfless work left a life-lasting impact on those she helped, touched, and believed in. We invite you to learn more about Minister Booth-Price's extraordinary legacy here.

Congrats & Well Done!

This year we received 26 applications. However, these Eight (8) students excelled & earned a 2023 scholarship. The HOPE recipient will receive $1250 for her college education-related expenses. Collectively these scholarship recipients will receive over $5600 towards their college-related expenses. 

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

ethan k alfonso

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a. samone mclean

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 Georgia  A.  Booth-Price HOPE
Scholarship Recipient 
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Hometown: Newport News, VA

Lisa Patel

Doc Green

Lisa Patel Pic_edited.jpg
Doc Green Senior Pic.jpg

Hometown: Hampton, VA

Hometown: N. Charleston, SC

Maria tomas

Chelsi Thomas

Maria Tomas Cap & Gown Pic_edited.jpg
Chelsi Thomas Cap & Gown Pic.jpeg

Hometown: Brookshire, TX

Hometown: Boynton Beach, FL

Julea Thomas

Kameron mallory

Julea Thomas Senior Pic.jpeg
Kameron Mallory Senior Pic.jpg.jpeg

Hometown: Yorktown, VA

Hometown: Newport News, VA


Our sincere appreciation to every donor who made this year's scholarship possible. Thank you for investing in youth mental & emotional wellness along with continuing education for these forward-striving youth.

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