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What is the

Georgia A. Booth-Price HOPE Scholarship?

This year with the utmost reverence we begin an annual tradition to bestow our highest scholarship award in honor of the late Minister Georgia A. Booth-Price, a woman who embodied IBIA's principles of UNITY & RECOVERY through her service, empathy & consistent compassion for others. Her remarkable life & selfless work left a life-lasting impact on those she helped, touched, and believed in. We invite you to learn more about Minister Booth-Price's extraordinary legacy here.

Congrats & Well Done!

This year we received 20 applications. However, these Ten (10) students excelled & earned a 2024 scholarship. The HOPE recipient will receive $1000 for her college education-related expenses. Collectively these scholarship recipients will receive over $5,950 towards their college-related expenses. 

NaKoryia Jones Sr Pic 1.jpeg
Georgia A. Booth-Price HOPE (4).png
 Georgia  A.  Booth-Price HOPE
Scholarship Recipient 
1800X800 (HERO IMAGES SIZE) (8).png
1800X800 (HERO IMAGES SIZE) (8).png

NaKoryia Jones

Elizabeth McElfresh.png

Elizabeth McElfresh 

Hometown: Newport News, VA

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Vianca Cordon Cap & Gown Pic.jpg

Vianca Cordon 

Hometown: Lake Worth, FL

Jameson Booth Sr Pic.jpg

Jameson Booth

Hometown: Chesapeake, VA

Sahana Vishwanthan Sr Pic.jpg

Sahanah Vishwanathan 

Abbie Brown.jpg

Abbie Brown

Hometown: Fitzgerald, GA

Tyra Kettle Cap & Gown Pic.jpg

Tyra Kettle

Hometown: Lynwood, IL

Halimat Hassan.jpg

Halimat Hassan

Hometown: Hampton, VA

Hometown: Newport News, VA

Widjina Estime.jpg

Widjina Estime

Hometown: Lake Worth, FL

FINAL Cap & Gown_edited_edited.jpg

Tristan Klompenhouwer

Hometown: Newport News, VA

BEST 2024

Our sincere appreciation to every donor who made this year's scholarship possible. Thank you for investing in youth mental & emotional wellness along with continuing education for these forward-striving youth.

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1800X800 (HERO IMAGES SIZE) (8).png
1800X800 (HERO IMAGES SIZE) (8).png
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