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I Believe I Am, Inc., is a non-profit organization focused on helping youth realize their full potential using four pillars: Self-Love, Unity, Recovery, and Financial Freedom. In turn, our youth develop confidence and tools to positively impact their families, communities, and future generations. 

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What We Are

IBIA, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) program created to impact youth during their senior high school and college freshman years. Our Mission is to "Equip youth with SELF-LOVE, UNITY, RECOVERY, and FINANCIAL literacy, to develop confident leaders, empowered to build strong communities and create a positive global impact." Our listen-first life skill coaching style helps program participants achieve their goals and become positive role models for younger generations.

Who We Serve

IBIA, Inc. is a resource for families, communities, and youth from underserved demographics.  We work with various sponsors and partners who are aligned with our mission, to build resource awareness and support for those we serve. 

How We Serve

We serve through in-person and virtual education resources, community service, coaching, and scholarship initiatives. Our "SURF" Curriculum comprises four foundational pillars; Self-Love, Unity, Recovery, and Financial Freedom, which introduces youth to life-building skills aligned with their passions and future goals. We also offer our program participants career development, budget basics, interview preparation, and resume-building workshops.

Our Pillars

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Helping youth learn to actively love themselves with nurturing personal care, positive life habits, maintaining a harmonious life routine, and not overindulging in stress. 

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Teaching youth to encourage and support their peers through collaboration, and ignite their ideas to get involved and make a positive difference within their family and community. 

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Helping youth adopt healthy habits and use positive outlets to recover from trauma and life challenges, effectively manage their emotions, and rise to attain their goals while harnessing mental and emotional wellness.

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Financial Freedom

Teaching easy-to-understand strategies and positive habits relatable to youth, to create strong foundations in financial freedom and building wealth.

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IBIA & Courageous Leadership Alliance Present:

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